About Us

About Us

Last updated : Mar 3, 2023

We, humans, have natural ways to communicate. We say things to each other in private, then we forget over time. Chative is here to do that digitally.

Chative is fully encrypted end-to-end. All your messages, whether it’s a 1:1 chat or a group chat, are fully encrypted in-transit or at rest.

Chative does NOT store your messages, not on the server side, and not on the client side. You can choose to store messages for 1, 7 or 30 days. After which, the messages are gone. There are no permanent storage options.

Chative does not store metadata. Metadata often reveals more than the contents of the messages themselves. Chative prefer not to know that. Once a message is delivered, no other info about the message is kept.

Chative does not require a phone number. You should be able to chat with others without disclosing your phone number.

You can register on Chative with an email address. And you can disable people’s ability to find you by email.

Chative is not designed for viral growth. It is not easy for people to find you. You can invite or connect with friends with a unique link or QR code. Chative is designed so that only your friends can find you.

Chative is open-source. We believe secure apps should be transparent in how they work. Chative is free. No ads. Chative does not collect or sell data.